About Us

 It’s estimated that nearly two-thirds of Americans couldn't pass a basic financial literacy test. 

For Blacks and Latinos, that number is even less. 

 “Minority” financial planners are nearly nonexistent. 

Less than 3.5% of all the 80,000 Certified Financial Planners in the United States are Black or Latino 

Lack of Financial Education is linked to (not only disparities in wealth but also) Public Health, Public Policy, as well as Community Economics & Preservation 

who we are

The 'For the Culture' (FTC) platform aims to promote a movement and enthusiasm around economic empowerment in communities of color. We believe that diversity in the financial planning and education sector is extremely important. Given this, our team offers practical guidance to help commonly overlooked communities create a solid foundation on which to build wealth. 

The For the Culture brand launched in 2017 and continues to host monthly financial literacy workshops locally. 

In 2019, we are excited to take things a step further by launching the For the Culture Advisors  brand as a wealth education platform that will actively:

  • help a select group of motivated professionals make informed decisions about their money, 
  • break down key principles such as understanding that building wealth equals building assets, 
  • have ongoing members-only webinars, coaching/accountability sessions, and (ultimately) 
  • implement effective plans now to make work optional later

We believe that if you don't know the rules, you can't play the game. And if you're not playing the game, you're living your life on the sidelines. And nothing good can come of that!

It is vital that communities of color become financially literate and understand that when we all learn & implement wealth-building principles we’re building a foundation of prosperity that: 

  1. shows that although a person did not come from a rich family, a rich family can come from them and 
  2. will make our overall communities stronger economically for generations to come.

join us

 The FTC team hosts monthly workshops and can offer tips and assistance on various financial topics.