When building generational wealth the most important currency is not capital....it's knowledge

Upcoming workshops


adulting 101

Where Do I Start and What should I Be Thinking About When Trying to Get my Financial Life in Order?  We'll review how money works and basic finance tips. We'll also discuss some learned financial habits that keep people (especially communities of color) from financial freedom. 


finances & us...

Examining the History of People of Color in relation to Wealth and the Financial Industry  


Cash is king but credit (leverage) is power

CREDIT 101: What is Credit? What is a Credit Score? What affects it and how do I build/repair it? How to Address Delinquencies? How do I deal with collection agencies? How can I make dealing with my credit less intimidating? (this section may be 2 sessions) 

other workshops include...

Debt 101

What is Debt? Bad debt vs. Good debt: is there really such a thing? How to deal with student loan debt? Is it possible to ever really be debt-free? 

basics of investing

Review of broad investing strategy concepts as well as the mindset necessary to shift from simply being a Saver into becoming an Investor. We'll also review common types of investments.

own or be owned

REAL ESTATE 101: Intro to residential real estate. Intro to Wholesaling. Intro to Financing. Intro to Buying & Flipping. Intro to Buying & Holding. Intro to Building Your Real Team (this section may be 2 sessions) 

leaving a Legacy 101

How to Protect the Wealth you Build. Retirement 101. Insurance and Estate Planning Basics.

CASE STUDY: Two lives lost...How a 26 year old was prepared for generational wealth transfer but a 76 year old was not.  

starting a business 101

We'll be identifying keys to starting a business including why start (i.e. what problem are you solving), what type of business structures exist, to incorporate or not, tips to developing a business plan, etc. We'll also review some key reasons people succeed and fail in business.

wild card theme & partnership

Some of our workshops will have themes including Wine, Wings & Wealth as well as Cupcakes & Conversation, just to name a few.

Our group will also be teaming up with various non-profits organizations, community leaders, and local entrepreneurs to provide additional interactive empowerment workshop experiences.